Here is the best Exe2Aut converter. You can compile this tool using the Linux console or Mac terminal.

There are 2 options to download the tool:

  • Direct Download of exe2aut.exe from Github
  • Clone the project using this command:
    • git clone
    • Compile the tool

Description of Exe2Aut

Aut is a file AutoIt, a software developed to automate a setup of large amount of Windows PCs. It contains BASIC-like source code that interacts with the processes and simulates all keystrokes and mouse movements. It can be used to create Windows GUIs.

EXE files contain binary code that it can be executed directly by the computer. The machine code is obtained from source code and after a compilation process, it can be executed. EXE files may also contain resources, graphics, assets, icons, etc.

The main purpose of this software is convert an EXE file into an AUT file. It were developed by Jacob Pimental.

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Safety issues

The risk of decompiling executable files with third-party applications can not only lead to code errors, but also to activate some security mechanisms with which this kind of software are protected.

As a recommendation to avoid infecting your computer with viruses, Trojans, and other similar software, when using any decompiler, try to use a virtual machine or a computer that is immune to viruses and other harmful software.

If it is not possible to use another computer, use of the decompilation tools is at your own risk. None of these tools are without security problems.

What is a decompiler?

In the world of software development, the ability to reverse-engineer executable files can be crucial for various reasons, such as understanding legacy code, debugging without source, or recovering lost source code. This is where a tool like an EXE2AUT decompiler comes into play. It’s a specific kind of decompiler used primarily for scripts compiled with AutoIt, a scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and general scripting.

To understand what an EXE2AUT decompiler does, one must first comprehend what a decompiler is. A decompiler is the inverse of a compiler. While a compiler transforms source code written in a high-level programming language into machine code or bytecode, a decompiler attempts to reverse this process, converting executable (binary) files back to a higher-level source code that can be read and understood by humans.

AutoIt and Its Compiled Scripts

AutoIt is a freeware scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI. It allows users to create scripts for automating repetitive tasks, which can be compiled into standalone executables (.exe files). These executables can be run on any Windows PC without the need to install the AutoIt interpreter.

The Role of EXE2AUT

An EXE2AUT decompiler is tailored for AutoIt scripts. When a script written in AutoIt is compiled into an executable file, the source code is translated into a format that can be executed by a computer but is not easily readable by humans. If the original script is lost or needs to be analyzed or modified, the EXE2AUT decompiler can be used to revert the .exe file back into the script code (.aut file). This process is not always perfect and may not result in the original source code, especially if the executable has been obfuscated or packed.

The Legality and Ethics of Decompiling

It’s important to note that decompiling software can be a legal and ethical minefield. Software often comes with licenses that explicitly forbid reverse engineering. Decompiling proprietary software without permission might violate copyright laws or terms of service agreements. As such, decompiling is often used for legitimate purposes by the original software creators or by professionals engaged in security research (with permission).

Use Cases for EXE2AUT Decompilers

  • Recovery: Recovering lost source code when the original script is no longer available.
  • Debugging: Debugging issues in an executable when the source is inaccessible.
  • Security Analysis: Analyzing software for potential vulnerabilities.
  • Learning: Understanding how a program operates to learn programming techniques.


An EXE2AUT decompiler serves a niche but vital role in the world of AutoIt scripting. It embodies the broader category of decompilers that serve as invaluable tools for software reverse engineering. While it can be a powerful tool for developers, it must be used responsibly and ethically within the bounds of the law. As with any tool that can be used to reverse-engineer software, it should be used with respect for software copyright and intellectual property rights.

Decompiling any type of file that is not authorized by its developer with EULA licence is illegal. However, there are some open source programs that you could decompile without licensing problems.

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