Here is the best Exe2Aut converter. You can compile this tool using the Linux console or Mac terminal.

There are 2 options to download the tool:

  • Direct Download of exe2aut.exe from Github
  • Clone the project using this command:
    • git clone
    • Compile the tool

Description of Exe2Aut

Aut is a file AutoIt, a software developed to automate a setup of large amount of Windows PCs. It contains BASIC-like source code that interacts with the processes and simulates all keystrokes and mouse movements. It can be used to create Windows GUIs.

EXE files contain binary code that it can be executed directly by the computer. The machine code is obtained from source code and after a compilation process, it can be executed. EXE files may also contain resources, graphics, assets, icons, etc.

The main purpose of this software is convert an EXE file into an AUT file. It were developed by Jacob Pimental.

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Safety issues

The risk of decompiling executable files with third-party applications can not only lead to code errors, but also to activate some security mechanisms with which this kind of software are protected.

As a recommendation to avoid infecting your computer with viruses, Trojans, and other similar software, when using any decompiler, try to use a virtual machine or a computer that is immune to viruses and other harmful software.

If it is not possible to use another computer, use of the decompilation tools is at your own risk. None of these tools are without security problems.


Decompiling any type of file that is not authorized by its developer with EULA licence is illegal. However, there are some open source programs that you could decompile without licensing problems.

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