What is AMP? Google AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an idealistic project from Google. To create a site loading process, it becomes very fast. At least, increase to 4x faster.

Google AMP, serves to minimize data. Up to 8 times smaller than the size of the mobile page so far. Amazing!…

This software was first launched in February 2016. Currently, some websites are starting to try out their sophistication. Specifically, news portal type websites.

This makes mobile site technology, or responsive web themes that previously seemed sophisticated, sound, an old fashioned thing.

Before we continue, I will answer some general questions, related to this software. Namely as follows;

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What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile  Page. In India, it means; Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google and Twitter are designed to increase the speed of access to a mobile website.


Does AMP affect SEO?

The main benefit of AMP is speed. If your website currently loads very slowly for users on 3G cellular connections, then you will see an instant increase in loading speed time through the use of AMP.

Indeed there is no official statement from Google and other parties, related to the influence of AMP on SEO. But keep in mind, one of the factors taken into account in SEO is the speed of access that provides a perfect experience for users.

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How to use AMP?

If you use the WordPress Website, then there is the AMP plugin. You only need to install and do a few simple settings. Then AMP will automatically work on your website.

Some web developers, usually provide website creation services that use AMP.


Indeed, it is undeniable, Smartphone and Tablet revolutionized the public’s tendency to access the internet. Most of the time humans today, are connected through this communication technology.

This phenomenon, makes the publisher or web developer follow the trend. Where, one designs and designs websites that can be accessed perfectly, via a smartphone/tablet. Usually, it is known by the mention of mobile-friendly websites.

Here, the visual website can adjust the technology used. When users access a site. Or a website layout capability follows the tools used. So, when the web is accessed via a PC it will have a different display version, compared to when it is accessed via a mobile phone.

A responsive website, also possible, loading time when using a mobile phone, does not experience significant obstacles. That is, it can be accessed at a good speed. And also a good visual appearance.

However, it seems, with a responsive site theme, Google has not made it satisfied. The internet giant is really focused on giving the best experience to users. Matter of speed became one of the priorities.

They want, website access speed must be faster, and even faster. And that was also the background for the AMP project being launched.

In this case, Google has exchanged ideas with world publishers and technology companies. Tells an open-source project initiative. The so-called Accelerated Mobile Pages. The goal, yes it was, to dramatically increase the performance of the mobile web.

With this AMP, web pages that have a lot of content, such as videos, animations, and graphics, can be loaded at high speed.

It is planned, with the same code, to work on several platforms. So that it can be present in any device. No exception is the type of cellphone, tablet, or other mobile equipment used.

This project is based on HTML AMP, a new open source framework. Improvements to existing web technologies. Spur sites to be accessed lighter and faster.

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What Is AMP? Why Is He Important?

This can be a challenge for Internet marketers. Even the smartest ones. Specifically, following all the changes and new trends in the industry. Moreover, when it comes to Google’s initiative.

Why? The answer, simple, most marketers in the world, depend on living with Google. Who is currently unimportant with Google. With various features and services. Search engines, one of the facts.

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Yes … The most popular Google search engine in the world! … So it’s important to follow what they do.

Don’t ask, those in the SEO industry. This became the most serious discussion since the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project began. In October 2015. And it became more serious when AMP was officially integrated into search results in February 2016.

Many marketers are rushing. To try out this new style webpage.

But as with other marketing trends, it’s important to understand AMP fully. And how it can benefit the business.

Because obviously, it will spend the budget and time to apply the technology on the web.


So What Is AMP? And How Can Your Company Use It? Specifically, In Improving Marketing Strategies?

Accelerated Mobile Pages are basically pages that are simplified in such away. With reduced HTML. Which can be stored in Google’s AMP cache. This allows users, to access it, almost instantly on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Yes … dramatic speed !!.

The AMP project was designed, to speed up the process of loading and reading online content on mobile devices. That is why AMP pages are not part of desktop search results.

Given the fact now, that more Google searches occur on mobile devices than desktop computers, there is no reason to ignore the value offered by AMP.

The Developers Fully Support The AMP Project

Reporting from The Next Web, from the process of the Google AMP trial project, there was an increase in usage graphs, 15 to 85 percent on 3G network connections.

Google tells us that; almost 30 world publishers are interested in this AMP project. And is the beginning of a unique collaboration between publisher and technology company. All of them are involved in the collaboration. To create increasingly mobile web.

Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress.com, Chartbeat, Parse.ly, Adobe Analytics, and LinkedIn, also support. And plans to participate in integrating the page, using AMP HTML.

WordPress itself has informed that they will create plugins for this purpose. So, all WordPress CMS user sites can use AMP.

Google emphasizes that this tool does not provoke web page rankings in search results. At least for now.

But, Google’s algorithm has long, classified websites that load lightly will get better rankings.

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What Is The Biggest Benefit Of AMP?

One of the first things that many SEO industries and online publishers want to know about AMP is whether it is a ranking signal in Google’s algorithm? In essence, will it have a big impact on the world of SEO?

However, as of the time of this writing, no extreme things have happened regarding ranking in search engines.

However, there are so many benefits, besides the matter of SEO.

Faster Loading Time

As planned, AMP was born to drive ambitious speed. Pagespeed! …

The obvious advantage first is to provide a faster load time, for web visitors. The faster a page loads, the more likely it is that visitors will stay there. Instead of being frustrated by the long waiting time. And return to search results for a faster alternative.

Reduced Data Usage For Visitors

As its loading time is fast, AMP pages require less cellular data.

This might not seem important to your company, but it is a big advantage for mobile users. They always charge extra for their monthly data bills.

When AMP pages become the more common choice, users will be more likely to click on them than standard HTML pages that suck up data.

Increased Visibility In Search

Despite having AMP pages on the site, currently not a ranking factor, each AMP page, displayed in the “Headline” box at the top of the results page for a particular question.

This space is usually for time or news-sensitive content, and the articles included in it, do not need to maintain a position in search results.

If you apply an AMP page to your site, about the topics in the news and can make headlines, the traffic and visibility you get will be worth the effort.

Want To Use AMP For Your Site?

If you want to provide a site experience for mobile users, Accelerated Mobile Pages can be an option for your business.

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