HA is a substance that is naturally occurring in the human body. It helps your skin to keep its elasticity and smoothness. It also has the ability to reduce lines and wrinkles. With Belotero® Lips, you can get rid of lines on the lips. When applied under the skin, HA is taken from the body and injected into the lips. When you use Belotero® Lips, the results will appear within about seven days.

The results are long-lasting and will last for about three to six months. You may see a little swelling in the lips for about an hour after you apply Belotero® Lips. But this belotero lips should disappear within 10 minutes. The area where Belotero® Lips is applied becomes softer and smoother. You may also notice that the lip line disappears. This is because the lips are reshaped, resulting in smoother lips.

There are many reasons why you may want to apply Belotero® Lips to your lips. Maybe you are unhappy with the shape of your lips. Or maybe you want to hide your lips because of acne or redness. You may also have a scar or dent that you’d like to cover up. There are a number of options available.

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