Terms of Use – Author Accounts

Last Update January, 20th of 2020.


1.1 These terms of use between Logicfen S.A.P.I. de C.V. (hereinafter LOGICFEN) and you (The Author). It is a mutual agreement for the good use of our services, as well as correct access to the EXE2AUT website (https://exe2aut.com), a website owned by LOGICFEN. It is a tacit agreement to the acceptance of the terms of use shown here, of which if you do not agree you must suspend your access to EXE2AUT, as well as all LOGICFEN’s services. If you access the system in any way, either as an Author or as a visitor, you must obey all the statutes of these terms of use.
1.2 LOGICFEN in a company duly incorporated in Mexico.
1.3 The terms presented are a mutual agreement between LOGICFEN and the Author. The Author must make correct and normal use of the EXE2AUT platform, as well as each of the LOGICFEN services, of which it has been approved by LOGICFEN.
1.4 Violation of any of these terms of use will immediately terminate all services contracted by the Author, as well as the definitive suspension of his account.


2.1 The Author must make use of his account within the guidelines described in these Terms of Use or else his account will be canceled without any right to refund. The Author is aware of this and explicitly waives each of the rights he may have in case of violating any point of these Terms of Use.
2.2 To create an author account, the User must provide the payment agreed by LOGICFEN and deposit the amount in full in the account described by LOGICFEN. Once the account is created, there is no refund for the User.
2.3 The Author account is for personal use, not transferable or leasable. If you do not have an author account, you simply cannot post on the site, unless its content is approved by a member of the LOGICFEN team.
2.4 Every Author account will remain active for one month (30 days), from the moment the payment was made, with the possibility of unlimited renewal, unless LOGICFEN decides otherwise. The Author will be notified in a timely manner of the expiration of his account, so that the Author can make the corresponding payment in a timely manner and thus renew his account.
2.5 Any Author account not paid in the corresponding period of time, will be converted into a subscriber account, without the possibility of publishing, until you provide the corresponding payment. In no case may an Author make publications on EXE2AUT without having made the corresponding payment.
2.6 Every Author account must have the real name of the Author (or his institution if applicable). You must have registered your current email address and a recent photo.
2.7 Falsifying any account information, as well as any misuse of the system, will cause the immediate and definitive cancellation of the account.
2.9 LOGICFEN has the right to suspend and cancel the accounts of the USERS that present suspicious activities, as well as devices that attempt to alter or damage the proper functioning of EXE2AUT in any way.
2.10 The Author understands that any valid access for EXE2AUT grants the freedom of use to the services of EXE2AUT, including any operation of payment or transaction, therefore EXE2AUT is not responsible for the steal of information, funds or any type of steal derived from a valid access.
2.11 The Author is the unique responsible for any malfunction, steal of information or funds caused by the use of web platforms (including browsers), devices, operating systems, physical or virtual platforms, virtual machines or any third party software, even when the purpose is the use of the EXE2AUT services. The Author understands that his web client must be secure before using EXE2AUT and any LOGICFEN service.
2.12 High security standards are followed to guarantee quality and a secure environment to the USER, on his entry to the system and in the use of all LOGICFEN services, however the USER must take care of his credentials and passwords to avoid steals or faults within his account.
2.13 LOGICFEN is not responsible for the authentication of the USERS. The Author is the unique responsible in case of being a victim of phishing, steal passwords, fraud, share passwords with a third party, access by a third party or any type of carelessness on the part of the Author. LOGCFEN is not responsible for acts of a third party that affects the Internet service, the IT platform and EXE2AUT site, apis offered by a third party, authentication forms of the USERS or any similar act, releasing to LOGICFEN of all responsibility. The Author waives any right that may correspond in this concept.
2.14 The Author performs all transactions voluntarily, not by coercion or forced by any person and in the full of their mental abilities.
2.15 No algorithm, procedure, commercial secret or internal operation of EXE2AUT shall be revealed to the USER in any way, even when the Author claims against LOGICFEN.


3.1 Every Author with a valid account has the right to publish on the site, provided that it complies with all the points contained in these terms of use
3.2 The Author must make publications only in the niches specified on the EXE2AUT site. If you have any questions, send an email to [email protected]. If the Author posts topics regarding a niche not specified in the EXE2AUT categories, his post will be removed.
3.3 All posts must be original and contain unique content, not copied from another website, images without copyright, with at least 700 words, with a maximum of 2 dofollow links per post, and dofollow links should be directed to sites with a maximum 11% Spam Score. If there are more than 2 links, they must be nofollow. The publications that contain more than 4 links, will be removed immediately. If any publication does not meet these criteria, it will be removed.
3.4 In case of publishing content or links regarding sexual issues, pornography, drugs, violence, weapons, drug trafficking, terrorism, illegal articles, controversial issues, murders, damage to health, physical and emotional health, that promote hatred, fraud , illegal downloads, viruses, spyware, malware, spam, hyip, scam, fake news or other illegal topic, the content will be removed and the Author’s account will be permanently closed.
3.5 All publications made on EXE2AUT, as well as on each of the LOGICFEN websites, are the property of LOGICFEN from the moment the Author writes them, and therefore, the Author may not reuse the articles for other websites. If the author reuses any of the publications, he must include the original URL of the EXE2AUT publication as canonical address, or else the Author must delete the post from the other site. If any duplicate content from the Author is detected, even after some time, the publication will be deleted. It is the responsibility of the Author to verify that his published articles do not exist anywhere on the internet, since their posts in EXE2AUT are original.
3.6 In the event that a link increases its Spam Score over time, it will be automatically converted to nofollow. If a link changes topic over time and falls on a topic shown in 3.4, it will be removed.
3.7 Every publication must contain good SEO practices, such as the use of Headers, categories, meta, etc. If you have questions about how to do it, you can send an email to [email protected].
3.8 Any deleted publication cannot be claimed by the Author.


4.1 The User has the right to have a personal Author account once payment has been completed.
4.2 Payment must be made via PayPal or another means agreed with LOGICFEN.
4.3 The Author cannot request a refund for any reason, since his Author account was created successfully.
4.4 The User who has made the payment, will have to wait a maximum of 3 days for the creation of their author account. This waiting time is due to the verification of the transaction.
4.5 In case of any doubt regarding the payment process or opening an Author account, please send an email to [email protected].
4.6 In case of cancellation of the Author’s account, derived from any infraction to the terms of use, there will be no refund.


5.1 LOGICFEN reserves all rights over the ideas, codes, developments, methods, technologies, information, trade and industrial secrets, algorithms, protocols, communications, schemes, techniques, formulas, systems, software, documents, designs and parts, both logical and functional , which authorship is LOGICFEN or its USERS, are the property of LOGICFEN and LOGICFEN reserves all rights for the use and exploitation of these, both the patentable, not patentable, the protected by copyright, the protected by industrial property and the creations of LOGICFEN, giving the power to LOGICFEN to take any action necessary in case of any contingency with any person, physical or moral, to claim before the authority the property rights that tacitly belongs to LOGICFEN.
5.2 The site exe2aut.com, as well as its components and associated services, are from the intellectual property of LOGICFEN. News, platform, design theme, ads and other external features are open source and have the duly attribution. LOGICFEN has not any responsability of them.