What influenced me to be a firefighter is a great inspiration, firefighters for me are the real heroes. Last year an incident of fire occurred in our office I remember. There was nobody but the firefighters who came and jumped in the fire to escape one of my female colleagues. It was so inspiring that turns an electrical engineer like me to become a firefighter. Would you believe? Yes, it is in real. I’m a professional firefighter and working in my town’s firefighter service which is run by the government.

What can compare a job which is linked with helping and saving the lives of countrymen? It has great rewards for you, but your life is always on the risk, you have to be prepared about this. Steps to follow to be a firefighter can guide you better but the experiences in the field will have a real impact in your life. For you to read and see the physical and emotional damage control is very important. These are some tips for you to counter the fears, dangers and work as a professional firefighter.

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Being profession, Be on the first:

That meanwhile performing the duties, if you are the least option to go and take the risk to save human life, just don’t think twice, jump in. But wait? How? If you are new in the profession, you will be trained for this. As said, if you are not skilled, don’t go for it. So you will be skilled and equipped with the tools you will be jumping anywhere the boss is required you to jump. It is something linked with enthusiasm. You must have a passion for this job if you just have started.

I always am the first in the place

It means that I try to be the first in the place of the incident. Thanks to the alarm of the vehicle and the people who give us a way to get to the place as early as possible. It feels you good to be the first life safer there. Many incidents I experienced when nobody was there and the test was to initiate the process of firefighting. It is a moment of happiness and grief, you know what I mean? That you have to balance your emotions and save the buildings, which are caught by the fire and the people. What next? Your responsibilities will guide you well. But for you, please be careful and know of the caution.

Know the damage, prepare for that in advance

You must have known about the fact that you the members of a team, any one of you can get hurt including you and will need immediate first aid. Don’t get puzzled in this situation and go ahead, take the first step, initiate yourself. You are the boss at your workplace right at that time.

Sound Knowledge of Equipment and your roles

You must have the knowledge of the equipment and use of medicine in emergency. You are there to get engage with the firefighter’s equipment. You have to handle the direct water pipe and will be skilled to climb the ladders or ride on the cranes, it needs the balancing, misbalance will cause you damage. What other things to use there are the extinguishers and other equipment. You should have the knowledge of what other things you will be doing there. Remember, you will be the first official person there, so you will help with the investigation of fire with police department and will cooperate with them with their data collection. Your department may want from you is to write a complete incident report so it can be asked by the other departments in the investigation, so keep in mind you may be asked to do that. You will be equipped with the skills and basic knowledge of the use of medication. First aid and the rescue includes to first aid the affectees. So keep in mind all this and be proactive about this.

A firefighter can be a full time or a retain officer

It simply means that you are a full-timer or working as a part-time job. This is up to a person. I work as a full-timer but have my juniors who work 4,5 hours as a part-time firefighter. They are the beginners so have no primary duties, they only come to practice what they have learned or attained as yet. But this is positive. You have to calculate the time which you can give, then commit to the job.

What makes this profession more special

The two examples which I searched and get inspired are the female firefighters. I read about the Molly Williams who is known as the very first firefighter in the US, it is absolutely an inspiration. She was black and that was the time when blacks in US were been exploited. Despite that, she volunteered herself for a firefighter profession. I imagine, at that time, there could be no such facilities for the firefighters, and people were so dedicated, many of the firefighters in the world martyred giving their services to save society. This is such an inspiration for me to work hard and in more dedicative way.

I regard Dany Cotton of the Uk as my ideal of the day. She is fifty and has been working on the major roles in her country, but she opted to be a firefighter and She feels proud of her job. As an ordinary officer, she might have been satisfied herself, but as a firefighter, she could be the real-life hero for so many. So if a women can perform in such positions, why can’t I? or why can’t anyone from you? I met Danny on twitter, She is serving as a Fire Commissioner in London and inspiring the thousands to be a firefighter. To be a firefighter is not easy, but by dedication and enthusiastic in your dreams and plans, you may be the next real-time hero

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