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The son of genre master David Cronenberg, Brandon Cronenberg has proven his mettle in the sci-fi, body-swapping, hedonistic getaway film. His last effort, 2020 apocalyptic assassin thriller Possessor, took place in an alternate Toronto where a pulsing corporate world was denatured by a roiling population of a nationless elite. In his latest film, Infinity Pool, Cronenberg takes on the erotic-horror subgenre. His cast consists of Alexander Skarsgard, Mia Goth, Cleopatra Coleman and Jalil Lespert.

Bloody and Brutal Ride

Cronenberg’s movie is a bloody and brutal ride through the surreal. The director deploys strobing lights, camera spins and liquefying psychedelic effects in order to shock the audience into total hysteria. He also uses ambient musician Tim Hecker’s claustrophobic score to disorient the viewer. Skarsgard plays a failed novelist who, along with his wife Em (Cleopatra Coleman), arrives at an exotic resort for a vacation. He meets the mysterious Gabi (Mia Goth), who is also on holiday at the resort.

Erotic Horror Story

When they discover that Gabi has a clone of herself made, James and Em decide to use the opportunity to do some wild stuff at the resort. They come up with twisted games of hedonism and violence in which they get away with murder, and then watch themselves die. What could have been a ghastly rehash of Cronenberg’s father’s work – an erotic-horror story about horrible rich people and losing one’s identity over and over again – is actually a fascinating, mind-blowing and thought-provoking film. It’s an extremely bleak and darkly satirical look at our increasingly desperate attempts to find solace in a world that no longer cares about us.


It’s a very entertaining, very wild and very disturbing movie, with a fantastic performance by Skarsgard. But it’s Mia Goth who really steals the show, and she is the main reason why Infinity Pool is a must-see for anyone who likes their genre movies.  Yesmovies and m4uFree have all the movie qualities available with them. This film is a bit too rough for some audiences, and it is definitely not for the faint of heart. The hedonism is extreme, the sex is unavoidable, and there are plenty of bloody, violent scenes, but it was never too much for me.

Choppy Editing

The only thing that really kept me from being completely engrossed was the choppy editing, which at times makes it hard to focus on certain aspects of the film. This is especially true of hedonism and sex, which are not well-explained. Skarsgard’s performance is terrific, and his physical stature helps to underline his character’s vacuousness, but it would be impossible to call him a good person, as his behavior and his actions are completely immoral.

It does get a little confusing at times and the script is not always very clear, but it is certainly worth watching for Skarsgard’s impressive performance. He gives a strong performance in a role that requires him to be a bit more vacuous than his physical stature allows, and the fact that he doesn’t overplay his character is important, as it reveals his lack of scruples and courage.

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