If you’re in the market for an eClinicalWorks EMR, you may be wondering which software will be best for your practice. This article will explore eClinicalWorks, eClinicalMessenger, eClinicalTouch, and eClinicalMobile, and what they offer to providers.


The eClinicalWorks EMR is a complete health record system that allows practitioners to spend less time charting and more time caring for their patients. It allows them to capture the necessary information from any location and is designed to reduce the risk of errors. Moreover, it helps them communicate more efficiently with patients and track their progress.

This platform offers two pricing options: the basic and the premium version. The eClinicalWorks EMR-only plan comes with an electronic medical record and a patient portal. It also provides patient-specific features for referral management, address verification, and eligibility. Moreover, it comes with PRM services that can implement an effective marketing strategy, increase patient engagement, and provide valuable information to insurance companies and patients.


eClinicalMessenger is an online application that lets you send patient messages through voice messages, secure text messages, and email. It eliminates the need for manual processes and promotes patient outreach. You can use it to remind patients of upcoming appointments and health screenings, and it allows you to gather patient data.

As a doctor, one Messenger account is not sufficient to maintain your workflow. You cannot attend to multiple patient calls at once, which will waste precious time. In addition, your patient onboarding process will be slower than expected, causing you to see fewer patients per day. Further, if you use multiple Messenger accounts, you will never know when a patient is finished or if the nurses are ready.


The eClinicalTouch eClinical EMR is designed with a physician’s needs in mind. It offers a mobile browser and embedded messaging service, making it easy for doctors to complete documentation on the go. It also supports e-prescribing. Unlike a traditional EMR, this system is interoperable with any hospital system and uses integrated standards. It currently holds 10% of the cloud-based EHR vendor market share.

The eClinicalTouch eClinical EMR app has all the features found in eClinicalWorks, including the ability to enter new patient records, create new encounters, conduct telephone encounters, and even televisits from your iPad. The app also allows you to take vital signs, review lab results, refill prescriptions, document OB flowsheets, and take voice notes.


The eClinicalMobile EMR is an excellent mobile application for doctors on the go. Its design leverages iPad technology to offer familiar features and easy navigation. It also offers cloud-based access. Both the desktop and mobile versions support the eClinicalWorks EMR.

The eClinicalMobile mobile application allows physicians to log into the system anywhere. Its screen is optimized for smartphone viewing and loading, and you can access your encounters, schedules, and prescriptions. It also allows you to encrypt the data, ensuring privacy. It provides a username and password for secure access.

eClinicalWorks EMR revenue cycle management:

The eClinicalWorks revenue cycle solution is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for medical billing. It includes industry-leading quality, superior customer support, inventory management, integration with medical billing systems, and support for mobile and tablet devices. This comprehensive system helps increase practice staff productivity and optimize billing processes.

The company’s eClinicalWorks EMR revenue cycle software offers integrated billing, revenue integrity solutions, consulting, and training. Revele’s integrated eClinicalWorks billing service also includes a patient call center. Revint, meanwhile, offers revenue integrity solutions for hospitals and clinics. It partners with more than 1,700 healthcare organizations and recovers more than $700 million per year.

eClinicalWorks practice management:

The eClinicalWorks EMR practice management system offers its users a wide array of options to manage their practice. It allows users to set appointments and communicate with patients, prescribe and track medications, and more. It also offers mobile applications that make patient communication simple and convenient. Users can also use these tools to access patient health records.

The company offers three different pricing packages to suit a variety of practice needs. It also offers on-site training and free conversion. This helps users easily switch from their existing EHR to eClinicalWorks. It also offers free webinars and videos for users to learn how to use the system. There is also a 24/7 support team and disaster recovery. eClinicalWorks’ PRM services can help implement a customized marketing strategy and improve patient engagement.

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Novoclinical EHR and Its Features

The Novoclinical EHR integrates with lab results to make the whole process paperless and automated. Once a patient completes a test, the results are sent automatically to Novoclinical. This eliminates the need to fax test results to patients and makes waiting for test results unnecessary.


Charm EHR is a novoclinical electronic health record (EHR) with a simple and intuitive user interface. It is touch-ready and is compatible with iPads and tablets. It also allows practices to customize their system according to their needs. The software is HIPAA-compliant and offers secure inbound and outbound faxing.

Charm EHR provides a cloud-based practice management and billing solution. Its pricing structure is simple. Users only pay for the amount of EHR they use. The first 50 encounters are free. There is no limit on how many providers you can add. Unlike some other EHRs, Charm EHR supports unlimited patient encounters.


NueMD novoclinical EHR is a cloud-based software that helps physicians schedule and collect payments for services. The program offers a number of features that make it ideal for busy medical professionals. It is easy to use and supports Windows and Mac platforms. It also offers medical billing and clinical data storage in the cloud.

The software also enables practitioners to track patients. It helps reduce the chance of missed appointments and medicinal interactions. The system also facilitates state and federal compliance. For example, interfaces with HIPAA-compliant software can automatically send reminders for prescription renewals and pick-ups. In addition, enhanced technologies allow for easy pill identification, along with the associated information. This is especially helpful for those who prescribe opioids.

NovoClinical is a cloud-based EHR that is user-friendly and ONC-certified. It offers the latest medical technology and enables the most efficient practices. Its user-friendly dashboard and automated features make it easy for users to use. The system follows typical medical practice workflows and requires only a few hours of training to get started.


Sevocity is a cloud-based EHR that can be customized to fit your needs. It offers 24 hour live support provided by EHR experts, which is particularly helpful during the onboarding process. Additionally, Sevocity has extensive security features, including a military-grade data warehouse. The company also provides consultation and training services for healthcare providers.

This EHR can be used on a Mac, Windows, and Linux platform. It is designed for small to medium-sized medical providers. It is affordable and offers customized services. Besides, it is cloud-based and works on Win, Linux, and Mac computers. Quanum EHR is also a cloud-based solution, and is owned by Quest Diagnostics. It also offers financial and clinical solutions and runs on Mac and Windows systems.


The Quanum novoclinical EHR is a cloud-based health record system that is designed for small to medium medical practices. It enables providers to securely exchange patient health information. This helps make patient transfer and referral processes more efficient. Patients no longer have to wait weeks for their new provider to gather their full medical records. It also allows physicians who see the same patient to communicate with one another using Secure Direct Clinical Messaging.

Quanum ePrescribing, which allows physicians to send prescriptions directly to pharmacists, is also one of its key features. This system eliminates transcription errors, which can lead to incorrect medication for patients. In addition, it makes ePrescriptions faster because physicians can send a prescription directly to the pharmacy.


NovoClinical EHR software provides an integrated suite of practice management tools for small to mid-size practices. It can be installed on-premise or deployed in the cloud. It is also compatible with the iPad and other tablets. It is suitable for a wide variety of medical specialties and is priced reasonably.

The features and functionality of AdvancedEHR are flexible and customizable. It is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Win, Mac, and Linus. It is cloud-based and is designed for practices of one to ten physicians. It is listed as a top choice by KLAS, and is priced lower than competing products.

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